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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving Again

Yesterday, after more than nine months away, Wesley and I finally returned to President Jefferson’s territory: The University of Virginia.


This year is Wesley’s first as a resident assistant, and as one, he had to move into his new dorm a week earlier than other students.

So on Friday morning, we rose way too early, at 4AM, to make the 5 1/2-hour drive down to Charlottesville and avoid DC traffic.

It was the first time Wesley had ever driven to Charlottesville by himself, and I was more than happy to keep him company.

I couldn’t replace the comfort of his parents, but I’d like to think I did a good job of entertaining him on our long car ride Smile


And at 10AM, Wesley and I, along with an entire car full of dorm essentials, arrived safe, though exhausted.

But since we couldn’t pick up the keys until noon, we spent two hours walking around Central Grounds, reminiscing and taking in the beautiful summer day.

And after just a few laborious hours, we finally finished rearranging his room, unpacking his car, and setting everything up.

We were pretty impressed with what we did to make the formerly barren white dorm room into a comfortable bedroom.


Lots of moving action required serious fuel.

Along with snacking on insane amounts of wheat thins and cocoa roasted almonds, we made a trip to Panera, where I ate a Fuji apple salad and the new lemon chicken orzo soup.


And after relaxation and a three-hour nap, we grabbed a quick dinner at Chipotle with my favorite chicken salad.


The best part of the day was the end.

We headed to downtown Charlottesville, which is the most idyllic downtown area.

There are endless stores and restaurants, and plenty of people gathered on a Friday night.


One of my favorite places in Charlottesville is The Flat, a creperie tucked away on a side street. You’d definitely miss it if you weren’t looking for it.


There are so many savory and sweet crepes to try, but our cashier recommended the lemon sugar crepe, perfect for a summer afternoon.



With our delicious dessert in hand, we headed to our final destination.

I’d wanted to see Crazy Stupid Love for a while, and I was so glad that I didn’t wait until it came out on DVD. Go see the movie for it’s hilarious lines, surprising plot, and hottie Ryan Gosling!

Tune in for more adventures from Charlottesville…

Tell Me About You!

Would you rather make a long drive at 4AM or 11PM?


Liv said...

Panera and Chipotle in one day... lucky girl!

Liv said...

I prefer 4 am because the sun will be coming out sooner.

Liv said...

Crazy Stupid Love was totally worth the $11 to watch in theaters! Well, Ryan Goslings abs made it all worth it :).

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