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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Years Later…

Yesterday’s events led to a little walk down memory lane.


The cause? Wesley’s brother’s high school graduation!

Bryan may be only two years younger than us, but seeing him graduate, and going to graduation really brought back memories of my high school graduation.


The day began with catching up with old high school friends, like my friend Julie, who has been away in Philadelphia for most of the summer.


Oddly enough, so many of my friends have siblings that are in the class of 2011.

Which was more than ok for me!


With the proud Wey parents Smile


Then it was time to go inside the disgustingly un-air conditioned Rutgers basketball stadium.

I witnessed about two people fainting, if you want to know just how hot it was…

Oh, and this is just 1/4 of the graduating class. The class of 2011 had 590 graduates. I don’t remember how many our class had, but probably very similar amounts.


I sat with Julie and my other high school friend Jenn, whose sister was also graduating.


After the national anthem (which was sung by Julie’s sister!) and many many speeches, it was time for the choir to sing Smile


I was actually a member of my high school choir, and it was the best thing about high school.

All of my friends were also choir members, and I practically spent my entire high school career in the choir room.

So when they sang “We Are One,” I couldn’t help but tear up.


Afterwards, we had to sit through the handing out of diplomas to over 500 students, while trying hard not to pass out.


But eventually, the tassels were moved to the other side, and the caps were thrown high.

Congratulations to the Class of 2011!


Happy graduate with his family.


Me with Jenn’s sister, Sam Smile


With Julie’s sister Amy.


And three high school friends! (Can you believe that Julie and Wesley were prom dates!?!?)

I still remember exactly how I felt on our graduation. I’m glad that I could leave high school with happy memories and no bitterness. I remember being so glad that high school was over, but I knew that I would miss my friends, the choir, and the familiarity. I was so scared for college, and reluctant to leave my friends.

But now, two years later, I’m starting to feel that way about leaving college and going into the real world.

It’s kind of hard, realizing that there’s only another two years before I have to face that reality.


And of course, there was the celebratory dinner to end the night Smile

Congratulations, again, to Bryan and the rest of the Class of 2011.

Tell Me About You!

How did you feel during high school/college graduation??


Liv said...

Damn... I feel so nostalgic. Had to read this while listening to "Stay with You"

Btw, my dinner last night = Cheesecake Factory ~ Bang bang chicken and shrimp and PB/Chocolate cheesecake (probably one of the most rich and delicious things I've ever had. though it tasted nothing like cheesecake lol). I know you're jealous ;)

Liv said...

I was just thinking about this! About two weeks ago marked the anniversary of my two years out of high school. As part of my summer internship with my local newspaper, I covered a high school graduation, and the memories kept flooding back! I can't believe two years have passed already.

Liv said...

oooh. i found your blog and and i've read all posts now. really interesting and well written!

i'm actually finishing high school in sweden in two months. it's all a mixture between amazement (of the world waiting around the corner), fear (of not knowing where i'll end up) and curiosity. i'm taking a gap year - that's what most people do where i live - and it feels good to get a break before i continue to uni. i'll try and do things that will help me on my way to figure out what i want to do and where i want to be (like first aid kit sing in "emmylou": "stockholm's cold". haha).

thanks again for a lovely blog!

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