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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Weekend

…Kennedy got lots of attention.


He even got a photo shoot courtesy of Wesley.


Somehow, my crappy point and shoot camera can’t handle taking pictures of the black blob of fur that is Kennedy.


But Wesley’s God-send camera can capture even Kennedy’s most candid moments.

The above shot is my favorite. It shows the true wildness within that shy exterior.


Lots of BBQ leftovers were also consumed.


Since the rain and clouds made it difficult to do anything but eat…

There were lots of hummus, cookies n’ cream ice cream, hummus and TONS of fruit stuffed inside my stomach!


And there was also a little bit of exercise thrown in, after the rain clouds cleared.

I got in seven miles and determined that I need new running shoes.

They’re only six months old, but these shoes have gone through a lot, and are now consistently causing me knee and hip pain.

The funny thing, though, is that I don’t feel any pain while on the treadmill! No bueno.

Oh, and we “played” a little tennis.

I’ve never been amazing at the sport, and this time we couldn’t get past hitting one or two shots each per round…

But all that sprinting definitely got me winded Winking smile Maybe I’ll make it a summer goal to get better at tennis??

Well, the weekend is officially over, and I can only hope for a sunny day tomorrow!

Tell Me About You!

What did you do this weekend??

Do you prefer running on the road or on the treadmill?


Liv said...

I definitely prefer the road because I love being outside, running on the treadmill gets boring for me!

Liv said...

in my experiences, running shoes typically last about 300-400 miles which by the sounds of it (7 miles yikes) you probably reached in 6 months. also, coach allen used to say that worn out shoes are the leading cause for injuries since they lack proper support/cushioning so yeah good idea. have you ever tried running at night? it's one of my favorite things to do. the stillness and cooler temperature of the night always gave me this calming feeling when i ran.

Liv said...

I love your cat! If the treadmill is by the T.V and there is an interesting documentary playing I don't mind it. But I love all the scenery running outside :)

Liv said...

Yea, my shoe is definitely past its prime. I actually used to run only at night, and it really was so peaceful and quiet. But now that it's summer, even at night it's night as cool as it is in the early morning!

Liv said...

aw your cat's name is Kennedy! That's my last name, hehe

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