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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Smoothie Under the Sun

I don’t know what’s been going on with my sleep schedule or the weather lately!

Last week it was 100 degrees and unbearably humid, but this week, it’s almost been too cold to wear shorts!

And last week I was going to bed at 10PM and waking up at 6AM, but just yesterday I slept at 2AM and woke up at 10AM!

Well, the one good thing about this weather is that it’s pretty much perfect for running.

I got in four miles last night, and it felt so good to run and not feel your lungs struggling to breathe through the heavy air.


This morning, I finally refueled from that run with a nice and cool bowl of cereal.


With oats as the base, homemade granola and chia seeds on top, and a scoop of sunflower seed butter in the middle.

And for the milk? I used my mom’s homemade soy milk!

Yup, she spends hours standing by a soybean press machine, waiting for that fresh soybean milk to come out.

It does have a more distinct soybean taste than the homogenized/pasteurized/store-bought kind, but you can barely notice it when mixed with other ingredients.

And after lunch, when my sweet tooth was raging, I used that soymilk to make myself a chocolate berryful smoothie Winking smile


In the blender: fresh strawberries, frozen cranberries, raw oatmeal (for thickness!), soymilk, cocoa powder, honey and chia seeds.


And more granola on top!


This definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, although I might put a high speed blender on my wish list. My current one can’t blend the strawberry seeds, so I’m left with little tiny seeds in the glass!

Anyone want to send me a Vitamix? I’ll be eternally grateful Winking smile

Tell Me About You!

What are your favorite smoothie ingredients??


Liv said...

did you like the raw oatmeal in there??

Liv said...

wow, what an inspirational blog you have!
I read a few posts back. your BBQ sounds like fun and that spinach/strawberry salad sounds like something i'll have to try...
My pefect smoothie?
i'd have to have mango and blueberries, with apples and some apple juice to thin it. Possibly with some frozen cherries and a dollop of natural yoghurt and some honey for sweetness...

Liv said...

I want a Vitamex SO bad! SO BAD. My life would be legit complete I believe...sigh fav smoothie ingredient? frozen 'naners fo sure, but vanilla extract add a bit 'o OMPH to the smoothies haha

Liv said...

Hi Liv,
I'm a new reader, and glad to of found your blog! I feel your pain, with not having a high speed blender to blend everything! I've been using the magic bullet, and these days, it's just a mess. My favorite smoothie ingredients are: chocolate protein powder, milk, pineapple, ground flaxseeds, and chia seeds. I've been using xantham gum to thicken up my smoothies, but putting in oatmeal sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to reading your post :)

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