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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scenes from the City

Before I begin recapping yesterday’s adventures, I want to tell you how excited I am to be going to the 2011 Healthy Living Summit!!!!

I’m a proud parent to this baby blog, so I can’t wait to meet up with other bloggers and foodies who share my same passion.

Philly, I’ll see you in August (which is way too far away)!

Back to regularly scheduled programming…


Yesterday was an exhausting but exciting day.

We woke up bright and early to take the 7 train from Queens to Manhattan,  followed by a transfer to the Upper West Side.


I personally love the Upper West Side, and it may actually be my favorite part of the city.


No, it’s not exciting like Midtown, or funky like the Lower East Side, but after spending a summer studying at Barnard College, I developed an appreciation for its clean and sophisticated architecture, the slower pace of life,  and the neighborhood feel.


After dropping Wesley off, I headed to Central Park with plans to run, and of course, take some pictures of the gorgeous scenery.


There were plenty of sunbathers.



All soaking up the perfectly blue skies.



These techies cracked me up! They kept pointing to me and asking for copies of my pictures Smile with tongue out



It really was the perfect day to be in the park and the city.



And eventually, I joined the many runners and took my sneakered feet around the park.


My run began at the Jackie Kennedy Reservoir, which is not small in the least.


One lap around is about 1.6 miles!


But it’s especially amazing because you get a 360 degree, panoramic view of the city skyline!




After two laps, I left the reservoir and ran along the main road of the park.


And I can tell you that what people say about the Central Park hills being tough is no joke.

One minute, you’re going downhill or along a flat stretch of road, and then you begin to go uphill, and that hill doesn’t stop for at least five minutes!

It was crazy and I definitely had to walk towards the end of some of those hills.

After an hour, I could feel my hunger coming on!


So I met Wesley during his lunch break, and grabbed a roast turkey, honey mustard and provolone sandwich at Hot and Crusty, a NYC staple.


I wish Wesley could’ve stayed and explored the city with me for the rest of the day, but he had to go back to work Sad smile

I felt pretty useless compared to him, but I continued on with the hard task walking through the city!


A walk down Amsterdam to 76th Street led me to this oasis in the hot concrete jungle:


16 Handles Frozen Yogurt!


It’s obviously called 16 handles because it has sixteen flavors of frozen yogurt, and boasts more than 40 different toppings.


I skipped over the fruit flavors, and went with any and all chocolate, cake, dessert, and cookie varieties.


Topped with fruit, nuts, granola, shredded coconut, animal crackers and chocolate/yogurt pretzels!

I’ve been craving this stuff for weeks, and it totally hit the spot Smile


Even more walking downtown brought me to Lincoln Center.


I’ve been to Lincoln Center so many times, and I’ve watched the Philharmonic, but it’s definitely a goal for me to see the opera company and the ballet!













Further down, tons of people were lining up to watch The Late Show with David Letterman, which I also need to do sometime in the future. Only with Saturday Night Live, not the Late Show.


As you walk closer towards Midtown, you definitely lose the neighborhood feel. It becomes more and more commercial, and there are people everywhere.


And then you reach the Theater District and Times Square, which is always crowded and loud.



But I bear through it because every trip to NYC requires a trip to M&M World!


Where I flirted my way to getting a bag of $6 M&Ms for a dollar!!


And if you have the time, definitely check out the TKTS booth, where you can get half priced theater tickets!



Spotted: The Naked Cowboy! And his four butt cheeks…


Finally, I turned around at 42nd St, and headed towards 50th, I just couldn’t handle anymore walking…

My sandals were not designed to take me miles, but I did have to take a peek inside Magnolia Bakery!


I’ve actually never had a Magnolia cupcake before, and from what everyone says, they’re not really that great.


But I have had their Snicker’s Icebox Cake, and it was INCREDIBLE.

Yes, it was very sweet and rich, but the buttery crust, snickers candy, ice cream and peanut butter came together to make one of the best desserts I’d ever had!

I wasn’t feeling anything rich last night, so I left empty-handed.

But soon, I’ll grab a little somethin’ for my sweet tooth Winking smile


So I parked it at 50th and 6th, right in front of Radio City Music Hall, and waited patiently for Wesley to come from work.


Luckily, there were plenty of opportunities for people watching.


I love seeing the street fashion, especially with the diverse people walking by.


There were businesspeople, tourists and average Joes.



When Wesley did arrive, we headed to dinner at 53rd and 6th, home to the famous Platters.


It’s pretty much just Halal street food, but it’s idolized by so many people from my hometown (mostly guys) and around the city.

This guy is always there and he was so nice and friendly Smile


I ended up with a chicken and salad platter, smothered in the famous white sauce, and a little bit of the fiery red sauce.

Wesley got the classic chicken and rice.



I had to take pictures of this creative Anthropologie window display, which used photo negatives.


Pretty cool, right?!



We walked around Rockefeller Center a little more, as Wesley told me about his day.






And as the sun was setting, we were ready to go home after our exhausting day. For me, I was physically pooped, while Wesley was mentally drained.


A bowl of cherries for a nightcap, and eight glorious hours of sleep Smile

Now I’m back in the city, which is hotter than ever, and ready for another day of adventure! This time, though, with less walking…


Lucia said...

i have to say i think magnolia cupcakes are awesome. although they're smaller than crumbs cupcakes, they're so moist and so good... im a fan :) said...

I'm with ya on the Upper West Side - though I do think that every part of the city has it's own charm :)

And wow - you really covered the entire city! (including Radio City Music Hall which is RIGHT outside my office building :) )

Liv said...

I'm with ya on the Upper West Side - though I do think that every part of the city has it's own charm :)

And wow - you really covered the entire city! (including Radio City Music Hall which is RIGHT outside my office building :) )

Liv said...

Haha yea it was a LOT of walking! Wow I can't believe that you work right outside Radio City. I was actually sitting there yesterday, watching everyone leaving work and being a little bit envious...

What do you do in NYC?

Liv said...

I'll definitely try them in the future! But I don't think anything will be as good as Baked and Wired :)

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