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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rainy Day After

Today may be a dreary and rainy day, but yesterday was a hit!


Most of the afternoon was spent getting everything I needed for the barbecue, and prepping all of the ingredients and dishes.


We were pretty worried that the weather would turn on us and the grill would be sidelined due to rain.

But luckily, the rain stayed away until after we were done grilling.

On the menu?


Mediterranean chicken kebabs with bell peppers and onions.


Such an easy dish, made with cubed chicken breast and veggies, olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, oregano and thyme.


After marinating for two hours, they were ready for the grill!

The charcoal was hot…



The flame was lit…


The fire was blazing…


And kebabs were on the grill!


On the side, we also had barbeque chips, kettle chips, tortilla chips, salsa…


And my homemade whole wheat tortilla chips made with La Tortilla tortillas.


I also made some of Jenna’s The Only Guacamole Recipe You’ll Ever Need.


But instead of jalepenos I used chili powder. I hope Jenna forgives my substitution!

Even with the change, this was some amazing guacamole. One of my guests even wanted to kidnap the bowl Winking smile

I wish we took more pictures, but our BBQ got off to a pretty late start, and it became way to dark to take glamour shots of either food or people.

Other food included burgers, strawberry spinach salad, fruit platters, funfetti cupcakes and grilled chicken breasts.


Let’s not forget the alcohol, either…


Especially my homemade sangria. Perfectly fruity and refreshing for a hot hot day Smile

But more than the delicious food, the most rewarding part of last night was getting to see so many of my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in nearly half a year!

I had such a great time talking and catching up with them all, and I can only hope they had half as much fun as I did.

The last guests did leave at 3AM, so that must mean it was a fun time, right?

After last night’s success, I can’t wait to throw another party soon Smile

Only this time, I think I’ll drink a little more water while sipping on the alcohol.

This morning I woke up (at 10AM!! I finally slept in! Open-mouthed smile ) feeling seriously dehydrated, tired and sick.

I swore I caught a cold, but it got better throughout the day.

Since there were clouds and rain all day today, the drowsiness didn’t clear up, and I think I’m going to give myself an early bedtime tonight.

Alright, off to sip some more water and watch old episodes of Laguna Beach Open-mouthed smile

Tell Me About You!

Do you get dehydrated after a night of drinking?


Liv said...

I'm glad your first ever grill party turned out so well! I love when my family grills in the summertime.

Liv said...

What beautiful pictures! It looks as though your party was a wonderful success!

Liv said...

Wow looks delish! your pictures are great btw :) so is the blog!

Liv said...

Mmm, guac. I'm not much of a drinker (Asian glow = drinking is bad), but alcohol is supposedly dehydrating.

Liv said...

Thanks so much :)

Liv said...

LOL I don't have terrible Asian glow, but I hear that Asian glow means that your liver is actually functioning?? Not sure if that's true. No shame though, since most of my friends have it!

Liv said...

It was, and thanks!

Liv said...

Mmm yea, summertime grilling is always fun and delicious!

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