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Friday, June 10, 2011

A Good Start

Happy Friday!


Today’s going to be busy day, so I had to start it off right.

A cereal bowl with rolled oats, granola, sliced strawberries (so sweet and juicy right now!), chia seeds, sunflower seed butter, sunflower seeds and shredded coconut.


Tonight, I’m throwing my first BBQ ever, so I’m so excited (and kind of nervous!).

I’m off to make a grocery store run, and hopefully the prep will be smooth and painless Open-mouthed smile


I can’t wait to show you guys the details!

Wish me luck and have an awesome day Smile

Tell Me About You!

What are your favorite dishes to make for a party?

Any tips on entertaining?


Liv said...

Your breakfast looks so tasty! I've been craving shredded coconut like crazy lately. I've never thrown a bbq before, but I hope your first one on Friday went well :)

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