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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drink the Day Away

Before we begin, some housekeeping...

I don't know if you noticed, but I've switched from Blogger's commenting system to Disquis.

Blogger wasn't doing the comments justice, and I hated the process of commenting, and how I couldn't reply to anyone!

Unfortunately, during the move all of the previous comments were deleted, and I'm currently in the process of re-importing them.

So please be patient, as they're all restored.

I hope this change makes for a more reader-friendly site for all of you wonderful readers :)


Hello from Starbucks on 93rd and Broadway Smile

I may have free Wi-Fi right now, but it took a long time to find it…

My morning started exactly like yesterday, but instead of walking around the city on my insanely sore feet, I was looking forward to sitting around at Barnes and Noble and blogging/job searching.

Well, that would have been a perfect plan if this Barnes and Noble had any outlets that weren’t near the elevator…

I tried to make it work, but after almost getting run over by a book cart, I gave up.


So began my search for free Wi-Fi … somewhere where I didn’t have to pay for a drink Embarrassed smile

Yes, I’m cheap like that…

My search took me all the way down to Columbus Circle, where I camped out at Borders.


And yes, I also did some window shopping (especially at Williams and Sonoma’s bakeware section!).


At 12:30, I headed back uptown to meet Wesley for lunch.

Yea, the plan to not walk too much went out the window.

Eighty blocks by 1PM!


For lunch, I went into a health foods store right around the corner from Wesley’s office.

I may have gotten a little distracted by all the delicious and new foods I wanted to try, but I eventually settled on a container of Macro & Vegan Sushi Rolls.


These were pretty good, and thanks to the marinated soy-meat, nori, kale and tamari, they actually had a lot of flavor.

Didn’t miss the meat at all!


And for the main course, I at a Vegetarian Eggless Spicy Tofu Sandwich, made with eggless mayo.


This one, I wasn’t so sure about…

There was spice, but way too much creaminess. I felt like a little lemon juice may have added a little acidity and depth of flavor.

I’ll pass on this one next time.

We had a relaxing lunch, sitting on benches by Riverside Park, which is just two blocks from Wesley’s office Smile


When lunch was over, I finally caved in and headed to Starbucks.

I tried to order the cheapest thing on their menu that wasn’t coffee.

Unsweetened iced black tea for me!


But that wasn’t the only drink I had…

At the health food store, I may have gone a little crazy.

I bought a Bao Spice Kombucha, since I’ve been dying to try this fizzy drink.

I actually loved the taste!

It was kind of like beer, thanks to the fizz and fermented taste, but sweeter with no alcoholic effects!

And even better, Bao is a local New York company!

I’m definitely looking forward to trying other flavors and companies.


And a little later, I opened my other health food store purchase: Zico Coconut Water.

Ok, I’m gonna be honest about this one.

I wasn’t a fan! At least not of the taste.

I don’t know what I expected, but I definitely didn’t expect what I tasted.

Whatever it was, I can’t actually describe the flavor. Just odd, I guess.

But coconut water is always louted as the best hydrator. Maybe if I can feel its hydrating powers, I’ll force myself to like the flavor??


Other afternoon snacks included dehydrated apple rings and un-pictured mixed nuts.

Alright, I’m off to finally do some strength training at Wesley’s gym after almost two weeks!!

So excited Open-mouthed smile

Tell Me About You!

Do you like Kombucha or coconut water??


Liv said...

ahh ZICO! I always drink that when I have to study late into the night. I didn't like it at first, but it grows on you!

Liv said...

I love deyhdrated apple rings. They're such a delicious and healthy snack (in moderation)! I like their sweetness with the kick of sour at the end. Yum!

Liv said...

PS - I'm using blogger as well and I hate the commenting process. How do I import old comments if I switch to disqus?

Liv said...

It's actually pretty easy! You just go to your Disquis profile and click "Admin" near the top right side, go to the "Tools" tab, then click the "Import/Export" tab on the left, click the "Blogger" button and finally "Import Existing Comments". It sounds complicated, but it's really simple.

The only thing is that if you have lots of comments, it'll take a little bit of time!

Good luck :)

Liv said...

I'm still waiting for the amazing effects to kick in! So far, nothing...

Liv said... can't wait to go there in a few weeks!

Liv said...

LOVVEEE coconut water :)

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