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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cold Weather Treat

Another day, another bowl of frozen yogurt!

Today, I learned about a newly opened frozen yogurt shop in our town, and grabbed some while catching up with high school friends.

Before this new shop opened up, I had to go at least 15 minutes away for self serve frozen yogurt.


Now, I can just drive or bike down my street and I’ll be able to get my hands on my favorite treat!

This could be dangerous…

Since YoguRoute (why do yogurt places think of the weirdest names..?) is so new, everything was creepily clean and empty.

But those familiar ice cream machine handles and delicious flavors were just like any other shop.


I ended up with my usual combo and toppings, and it was just as good as always Smile

Now that the temperatures are cooling down, I’m not actually craving frozen yogurt anymore.

Or so I think…

Tell Me About You!

Do you still crave cold treats when the weather cools down?


Liv said...

lol can you believe I didn't notice you taking these pictures...

Liv said...

HAH I'm sneaky like that :)

Liv said...

Cute blog. Well since the weather is actually heating UP where I am right now I am definitely still craving froyo right now. But, when fall comes, I'm sure I'll be craving apple crisp and pie instead :D.

Liv said...

I crave cold treats anytime, anywhere! I recently bought a frozen yogurt maker from costco, and it's been so awesome! I'm a huge red mango fan, but with making my own fro yo at home, I say "red mango, who?" :)

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