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Sunday, May 15, 2011

When it Rains

This morning, we realized that it was our very last day (Sunday) of our very last full week in Hong Kong Sad smile

We may have 12 days left before we board that plane back to the States, but since we’re spending a week in China, we really only have five days left in the city.

We’re reaching the final moments, and it’s so sad to think about it. I still remember the first night we arrived in January, completely clueless in an unfamiliar city, thinking that it would be an eternity until May.

Now that it’s here, we’re trying to fit everything we wanted to do into these last days.

But sometimes, grand plans can be ruined by rain and clouds.

So instead of going to Macau today, we headed back to Tung Chung and spent a day shopping at Citygate Outlets.


This mall is gigantic, and stuffed with every store you can imagine.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but didn’t mind the window shopping.


After hitting a couple stores, our blood sugars were running low, so we tackled this beauty: a chocolate chocolate chocolate brownie.

And I can guarantee it delivered on the chocolate!!! It was so rich and heavenly, though more of a cake than a brownie. It wasn’t dense, but had a more cloud-like texture.


The cake was so moist and chocolate-y, while the frosting layer tasted just like chocolate fudge. So decadent and creamy, the whole thing just melted in my mouth…

And yes, we ate the whole thing out of the bag. We’re classy like that.

It was a pretty messy situation, but it was so worth it.

When Wesley accidentally dropped a piece on the floor, I had to resist picking it up and eating it (Yes, I did just admit that. No I’m not gross. Don’t judge!). What a waste!!!


One of our favorite parts of this mall is the view of Lantau Island’s mountains (which we’re still proud to have climbed) all around.


We even stepped out for a moment to catch the sunset.


And admire the crazy-tall apartments surrounding the mall.

Once we were pooped from shopping, we headed back to their awesome food court!


I ordered from the Korean stand, and ended up with rice and all the fixins: chicken marinated in an awesome sweet sauce, spinach, kimchi, nori strips, sprouts, and a fried egg.

The combination sounds a little strange, but it tasted amazing! It was just the light and fresh meal that I wanted, and I was able to satisfy that kimchi craving Smile


Wesley ordered from the Indian stand, and ate a lamb biriyani


with amazing garlic naan actually cooked in a tandoori!

I didn’t try the biriyani, but Wesley seemed to love it. But oh the naan! I’m already a huge fan of the bread, but this version had such a delicious garlic flavor, with a little bit of a charred taste from the oven.



For dessert, we headed to a kiosk that specialized in Asian desserts.


Although many Westerners wouldn’t recognize the soups, ices and other treats, they are all so amazing and unique.


We ended up choosing this “Strawberry Grass” dessert with sago.


It wasn’t as beautiful as the food display, but it was so awesomely delicious.

I have no idea how this dessert is made, but from what I could taste, it had milk, a little bit of sugar and sago pearls, which are made from the starch of a plant and are similar to tapioca pearls.

It was served cold, but not overly sweet. The sweetness and other flavors were really subtle, so the dish itself was just comforting and refreshing, but not at all heavy.

A great end to our meal Smile

As for actual purchases, Wesley bought a pair of khaki shorts.

I didn’t buy any clothes, since I’m going through a “if it’s not amazing or necessary, then I don’t need it” phase.

But I did leave with:


Two books, oldies but goodies, for our trip to China…


And two mini lotions from the Body Shop because my hands really need them!

With all the walking we did today, I’m pretty tired and might actually go to sleep before midnight!!

Have an awesome Sunday Open-mouthed smile

Tell Me About You!

What do you like to do on a rainy day?


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

I miss Hong Kong sooo much! Have fun in China...I'm so jealous right now.

Gourmantine said...

All the food looks so good! On rainy days I used to snug on the couch, drink jasmine tea (or a glass of wine) and catch up on the reading or movie watching...

Madison said...

Hi, I just found your blog...apparently with good timing as all that food you posted above looks amazing. I love looking at the food people post while visiting Asia because I'm not sure when I will get to go there next. I'm more of a Europe fan. And for some reason, I really want naan now.

Liv said...

All the food looks so good! On rainy days I used to snug on the couch, drink jasmine tea (or a glass of wine) and catch up on the reading or movie watching...

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