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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekender Edition

I hope all of your Saturdays are off to a good start Smile

Well, my Saturday didn’t even feel like one, since I had an exam at 2:30PM!

Thankfully, it was my last one for the semester and as a sophomore Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


I mean, I still have a paper to hand in, but it feels so good to not have to take another exam until at least September!!!!!


You betcha I celebrated with an iced coffee. Iced soy, to be exact.

Well, I may have been smiling before taking that first sip, but WOW was that coffee bad.

I know that people say that Sbucks brews burnt coffee, but I hadn’t really tasted it until this cup.

I don’t want to keep my coffee down like I’m taking shots of whiskey, ok??

No bueno, Sbucks.

On the exercise front, other than walking to and from campus, my exercise motivation took a mini vacation today.

I managed to get to the gym for 30 minutes of “strength training,” in quotes because I didn’t feel like I used any of my muscles.

But it’s all good because there’s no point in forcing myself to work out if it takes that much effort!

After cleaning up, we headed out for date night!

And while walking, we caught up with these adorable little street cats!


They’re all over this street and the city, since shopkeepers use them to eat the mice and rats.


But with their measly amount of cat food, they’re so bony and little. I just wanted to grab one to take home with me!


Dinner was a new restaurant: Tuk Tuk Thai.

It’s a pretty popular place, and filled with more expats than locals. But the ratings were good, so we gave it a shot.


First up were summer rolls! A personal favorite.

Their peanut sauce was so delicious. Just a hint of peanut with a lot of other goodies inside.


I loved that they used avocado instead of traditional shrimp for the filling.


My entrée was the Pad See Ew, something I’ve been getting every time I go to a Thai restaurant.

This version was really good, but I felt the meat and noodles were a little dry. The flavor was delicious, but it needed more sauce!


Wesley had their Panang Curry.

This was freaking awesome! So rich an coconut-y, with a deep curry taste and plenty of Thai basil bite.

I’d definitely recommend their curries if you ever go to the restaurant.


And since we were still hungry, we had the Pad Thai to share.

The Pad Thai was decent, though not the best I’ve ever had. The best part was the abundance of peanuts Smile


After dinner, my stomach still felt empty, so I grabbed a honeydew melon and mango juice!

It was so refreshing and sweet, and the fruits blended well together, although the mango overpowered the honeydew a bit. I love the sweetness of perfectly ripe fruit Smile


But despite how much I ate, I still came down with stomach pains Sad smile

Whenever I wait until I’m starving to eat, I always get these sharp pains in my belly, and immediately need to sit down with my legs curled up against my body.

It’s a weird sensation, but it literally feels like someone is stabbing you right in the intestines.

Anyone know what I’m talking about???


We ended our little date with a screening of Fast Five, the latest installment of the Fast and Furious line.

The movie received decent reviews from critics, other bloggers, and event Rotten Tomatoes, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad.

I know that this isn’t a serious movie, but the acting was so underwhelming in this film. that I just couldn’t like it.

The action scenes were great, and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, but a lot of the awkward acting moments ruined it for me.

It’s still a perfect movie to watch if you’re just looking for a sit-back action movie.

Maybe it just wasn’t for me because I didn’t watch/don’t remember the other Fast and Furious movies?

Oh, and don’t forget to stay after the credits! There’s a bonus scene (that I totally didn’t understand…)!

Tell Me About You!

What do you do to celebrate finishing a project/semester??

What’s your favorite Thai dish?

Opinions on Fast Five?


Mom said...

Why don't let doctor to check for you if your stomach has problem? Don't wait until very hungry to eat!

Crystal said...

I get stomach pains like that if I eat breakfast before I have woken up completely. It seems like I need to slowly sip a glass of water before attempting any sort of food.

Congrats on finishing your last exam! If I may ask, what is your major? :) I'm a biology major but I have taken courses in English Lit, psychology, and women's studies. When I finish an exam I either get bubbletea or I make cupcakes!

I agree with you on the burnt Starbucks taste. I honestly don't see what the hype is! Every time I go to Starbucks I get something that isn't coffee.

Liv said...

Crystal: I'm a journalism major but double majoring in English and political science! I could not even take intro to bio, since my science skills are just that awful! I hope your exams went well too :)

Jennifer said...

LOL love your mom's comment.

miss you lots.....wesley looks so thin in his pics :( i guess you eat all of his food??? xP

can't wait 'til you come home, congrats on finishing strong on your semester!!

love you <3

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