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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shopping and Other Impossible Pursuits

Ahhh. It felt good waking up in a familiar bed, in a familiar room. The hot lemon water and cereal with cold milk helped too Smile

And with that quick breakfast, I was out the door, looking forward to a great workout.

I’m really going to miss our gym when we leave Hong Kong Sad smile It’s honestly one of the best parts of our Hong Kong experience. The gym is conveniently located right next door, and the facilities and classes are all amazing.

So I really savored today’s workout, since I think it’s the last time I’ll be taking Body Pump and RPM with these instructors, in this gym.

It was really sad to think about leaving, but what’s even sadder is how weak I felt after just one week! And that’s even after doing two days of strength training at the beginning of last week…

I felt really stiff and completely not in control of my body.

But it was still great to push myself in my workout.


When I got back, I made a giant plate of food, full of broccoli, tofu and a perfectly ripe sweet potato.


The tofu and kidney beans were cooked with cumin, turmeric, yellow curry, paprika and salt. I added kidney beans in the end, the perfect amount of filling protein for me!


And check out this sweet tater! I actually brought it to China with me, since I hadn’t finished it before leaving, and it was still this fresh a week later.

This meal was just what I was looking for: nutritious, light, filling and fresh.

We quickly ate and got ready, since we had plans to go for our final shopping trip.

Since I’ve been dying to get knock-off purses since we arrived, Mongkok’s Ladies Market was our destination.


This street is filled with endless stands of various merchandise, from purses and clothes, to toys and electronics.


Thankfully, I came with specific purchases in mind, since I’d probably get so distracted and overwhelmed otherwise.

I ended up with everything I hoped to buy. Longchamp bags, in blue and black, along with a little Gucci/Coach coin purse and a Tory Burch wallet.


Check out this beauty!

The key to these Hong Kong markets is knowing how to bargain. You can get what you want for a fraction of the price, as long as you can bargain.

I wasn’t very good at the whole bargaining thing, so Wesley did his magic, and my purchases combined didn’t even come near $100 USD!


Since bargaining takes a lot of work, we needed refreshments once we were done.

Enter the delicious frozen yogurt. Plain tart with strawberries, mangoes and kiwi.

But I was kind of disappointed when I realized that the fro-yo server only filled the walls of the cup with swirls of fro-yo. The entire center was hollow! What’s up with that???


On our way back to the MTR, we walked by so many food stands, and we talked about the sad fact that we won’t have easy access to these amazing snacks back in the states, no matter how weird the foods may be…


Instead of eating street food, we decided to spend our dinnertime at the Habibi CafĂ©, a Middle-Eastern restaurant that I’d been dying to eat at.


Thanks to the dim lighting, we didn’t get shots of the falafel or my cold mezze platter, but I can guarantee that they were delicious.


Wesley decided to risk embarrassing himself, and took a picture of his delicious lamb dish with flash. The meat was so tender, and the flavor so rich and buttery. Well spiced and amazing!

I’m so glad we were able to try out Habibi before we left Hong Kong Smile

To continue the evening’s fun, we headed to the movies!


Check out this cute little theater, with literally four rows of seats. It felt so intimate, and kind of like watching a movie from your home theater.


We were there to see Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. According to IMDB, this movie came out in 2009, but for some reason, is being released in Hong Kong now.

Regardless, it was an amazing and touching movie about a complicated family. I cried about three times, and had a good amount of laughs too.

I seriously love Natalie Portman more and more with every movie I see her in, and her acting in this film was spot-on.

Every actor pretty much evoked their roles, and I highly recommend renting this movie Smile

Today was a nice and somewhat relaxing day, after a week of hectic travelling.

We’ve really got to get started on packing, but not before one last Hong Kong adventure!

Tell Me About You!

Do you feel a lot weaker/slower/heavier when you return to the gym after a week of not working out?

What is your favorite Natalie Portman movie??

I actually love a movie called “Where the Heart is,” and though it’s old, it’s one of the first movies I ever loved.


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