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Friday, May 27, 2011

On Leaving


That’s how I’m feeling right now, looking around our tiny one-room apartment. The suitcases are packed, the drawers are empty, the fridge is barren, and I can’t help but feel extremely sad.

I still remember that first night when Wesley and I landed in Hong Kong. It was past midnight on January 5th.

Our new home on Wing Lok St. was dark and empty, and we were both a little scared, but excited to see what our semester abroad would bring.

Looking back at all of our experiences since we first arrived, I can’t even begin to list the many amazing things we’ve done.

Studying in Hong Kong has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life, and I only wish that I could experience it all over again.

I’ve grown to genuinely love this city, and I can’t believe that I was able to call it home for six months.

I can’t wait until I can return again, and I only hope that it’s as soon as possible!

I’m sure that once I’m home in New Jersey, I’ll have a whole summer of amazing experiences to look forward to, but for right now, I just want to wallow in my sadness as I think about leaving this unforgettable city tomorrow morning.

To reminisce on our journey, here are some of my favorite moments in Hong Kong, and the little things about the city I will miss the most:

1. Our Apartment

Even though it’s only one room, lots of things malfunction, and it’s just plain overpriced, it’s still home. I’m going to miss walking up those two flights of stairs every single day.


2. Fitness First

I’ve said this so many times before, but I’m seriously going to miss our dream gym. I need to find a replacement when I get back, but I don’t think that’s possible!!


3. Double Decker Buses and Convenient Transportation

I don’t think getting around a city could be any easier than it is in Hong Kong. Every place you could ever want to go can be reached by MTR, bus, tram or taxi. Plus, every option is cheap and can take you to almost the exact location you want to go. I’m so not looking forward to relying on driving!


4. Walking

And when I don’t want to take public transportation, I can easily walk to most places that I go to every day. I’ll really miss having the ability to walk anywhere I want to go, instead of having to get in a car all the time!


5. Running Down Bowen Road

Hong Kong isn’t much of a running friendly city. There are always people crowding the streets, there’s lots of air pollution, and cars are pretty aggressive. But that’s why this particular trail is so amazing. You’d never expect such a peaceful place right above Hong Kong. I loved running down this road and breathing in the fresh air and taking in the amazing views.

And don’t forget when I sprained my ankle while running there! That was an experience and I learned so much from it.


6. Spontaneous Trips

I was surprised to learn that there’s so much more to Hong Kong than just the city. In fact, our most memorable experiences are from those trips to peaceful, natural and scenic areas of Hong Kong. I can’t wait to visit Sai Kung, Dragon’s Back, Big Wave Bay, Mui Wo, Stanley, Ngong Ping, and the many other areas that we didn’t get a chance to see, again.



7. Crazy Malls

You haven’t seen a mall until you come to Hong Kong. They do them bigger and fancier, and each mall we visited seemed even more spectacular than the last. Hong Kong is seriously the city that never stops shopping!


8. $5 Movies

We might have gone a little overboard in this department, but the allure of student-priced $5 movies was just too strong. I think we watched about 16 movies during our 6 months in HK!!! Not to mention, the theaters were beautiful and the seats were unbelievably comfy Smile



9. Food!

From bakeries, street stalls, restaurants, dim sum, wet markets, fruit stands, bubble tea and more, Hong Kong is foodie heaven. Just don’t expect to get the full experience if you’re on a diet or vegetarian!


10. The Skyline

The Hong Kong skyline is beautiful and vibrant, and I don’t even know if the New York skyline can compare!



11. Living With Wesley

This is actually the #1 thing that I will miss about Hong Kong. Since we go to different colleges, this experience was a dream for us. Although we were a little apprehensive over whether living in such close quarters would work, these six months has really allowed us to grow and appreciate each other even more than before. Yes, we had the occasional fight and it wasn’t always easy going, but now that we’re heading back, I can’t imagine living without him!


Well, these are just a few of the endless things that I love and will miss about Hong Kong.

Now I’m off to bed, and the real goodbye will come tomorrow at 6AM.

Tell Me About You!

Have you ever lived somewhere that you just couldn’t bear leaving??


Crystal said...

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and we have bubbletea and double decker buses! I have to say that those things really influenced my decision to stay here as long as possible.

It sounds like you had an amazing experience living in Hong Kong, but you have your whole life to go back there and visit so its not really saying goodbye. :)

Lucia said...

great post liv! pretty much captures my feelings about leaving london, except i never got to express it on my blog that i just completely failed to update after spring break and finals came around (they were both towards the end of the semester for me)

i thought it was funny that the gym i went to in london was also fitness first. and the double decker buses look similar. though i havent seen one movie in london (too expensive) and the food in london (also too expensive) is not nearly as good as the food in your pictures.

anyway, enjoy your last night in hk and welcome back!

Jennifer said...

was going to write a long comment, but i'm going to see you soon so i'll do it in person :) love you, can't wait to see you later!!!

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