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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Mexican Evening

I love that Cinco de Mayo gives me an excuse to eat plenty of Mexican food. Not that I need an excuse.
So to celebrate the day, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant, El Taco Loco.

If only I could read Chinese, I’d love to translate the Chinese version. Anyone out there know what this sign says??


El Taco Loco doesn’t have the most amazing food, but it’s pretty cheap, and the best for our area.


The first time we went to the Loco, we found the meat to be pretty dry and tasteless, and not much has changed since.

Wesley ordered some kind of beef burrito, and wasn’t impressed.


For an appetizer, we had chicken quesadillas. They were really cheesy and came sandwiched with guacamole, but the meat was once again tasteless.

But, the one saving grace was the tortilla. You could definitely tell that they were freshly made, since they were so soft and springy. I couldn’t get enough!


Thankfully, I ordered three chicken tacos, all of which came with the awesome tortillas. Also, I loved how much salsa and guac they stuffed in there!

I wish I could say we tried our first real margaritas (not homemade ones), but neither of us was feeling alcohol. I was still sick, and Wesley was planning to work out afterwards.

One day, though … Maybe later this week?


Instead of drinks, we had sweet treats instead.

Wesley had a Dulce Almond cone from Ben and Jerry’s.

By the way, I love the server in this picture. How his shirt is about spreading joy, and his expression is so not joyful LOLOL.


And I had a fresh papaya and ginger juice from the local fruit stand. I really needed my throat to feel better, and this seemed to do the trick.

Papaya and ginger is an interesting combo, and I don’t really recommend it. But I loved the burning sensation of the ginger, and knew that it was doing my body good. The papaya really made the juice thick and rich, too.

So our Cinco de Mayo may not have been the craziest, but at least we got our fill of Mexican food!

Don’t worry, though. We plan to live it up once all of our finals are done Smile

I can’t wait!

Tell Me About You!

What is your favorite part of Mexican food? Or are you more about the drinks?


Mom said...

The Chinese on the board means 'Mexican Cuisine'.
Hope you are getting better. Take enough rest and drink more fluid. Most important don't stay up too late!

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