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Friday, May 13, 2011

Life Cafe

Friday evening, we headed to Shelley Street in SoHo, to have dinner with Wesley’s international exchange advisor from UVa. Surprisingly, she and her husband were in Hong Kong to tour the universities, and happened to have a free evening saved for dinner with us Smile

Since they’re both not huge meat eaters, we suggested Life Organic Health Café, which only serves organic and vegetarian meals, many of which can be made vegan and gluten free as well.


This was actually my first time eating at an all-vegetarian restaurant, and I was beyond excited.

Although I’m no longer vegetarian, I had been for almost two years, and only started eating meat again last January.

But even today, I don’t feel the need to eat that much meat in my diet.


Their menu is pretty extensive, and comes with many creative options.

Oh, and sorry about the poor quality pictures! The lighting was really “moody” Thumbs down


I ended up going with a veggie burger, mainly because I was craving sweet potato fries!

But, unfortunately, I was underwhelmed. The patty fell apart easily, and it wasn’t very flavorful. I felt that I could make a better patty!

On top of the patty, there were two random strips of tofu, which totally threw off the texture of the burger.

And even more unfortunate, the sweet potato fries were completely soggy!

I don’t know if I just ordered the wrong thing, but I was kind of disappointed. And I’m usually pretty easy to please!


Wesley ordered the Italian pasta, which he said was good, but nothing more than just a pasta dish.

Our dinner companions ordered an African stew and a tofu stir-fry, which they both really enjoyed. I’m hoping that our dishes were just flukes on the menu.


We also left some room for dessert Smile

Wesley and I split a flourless chocolate cake, despite how enticing the zucchini brownie sounded (no, I’m not being sarcastic!).

Again, it was just alright. I loved that it was really rich and chocolate-y, but it was too dry. The raspberry sauce on the side was awesome, though! Another thing that I’d love to recreate.


Our friends ordered the soy mousse cake, which they said was pretty good, and tasted nothing like tofu.

But this meal was definitely more about the company than the food.

Although I was disappointed with the food, it’s nice to see restaurants supporting organic and alternative diets. Places like Life Café are popping up all over the city these days!


Ok, so our dinner left our stomachs a little on the empty side, so we grabbed a slice at Paisano’s (typical!).

It’s actually awesome how much business the shop is getting, and it’s kinda nice to see that love for American pizza has branched out from just the expats!

All in all, a great evening spent with some awesome people and fun conversation Smile

Tell Me About You!

Have you tried vegetarian restaurants? What do you think?


teenagetaste said...

Life Cafe sounds like a great restaurant! That flourless chocolate cake looks delicious. I am a chocohaulic! :]

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