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Saturday, April 23, 2011

When Sushi Isn’t Enough

Saturday was a pretty dreary and lifeless day.

Other than making lunch, I didn’t leave the couch between 9 AM and 4 PM.

I blame the overcast weather…

But I finally dragged my butt to the gym to get some blood flowing to somewhere other than my typing fingers.

The gym was a struggle today. Thirty minutes on the Stairmaster followed by an hour of yoga.

Even yoga was tough, and my limbs just didn’t feel like moving around much.

However, exercising did work up a huge appetite!

So Wesley and I agreed to find somewhere to finally fulfill my sushi cravings.


I’ve been having a hard time finding the right sushi restaurant, since HK’s sushi is a little different from the typical American variety.

Since it’s so close to Japan, with lots of Japanese immigrants, the sushi restaurants pride themselves on having the best and most authentic quality sushi. So restaurants usually specialize in sashimi, not sushi rolls.

But I’m a roll lover, and I’ve been dreaming of eating sushi rolls since we arrived in HK.

After a whole lot of searching for reasonably priced sushi restaurants (that serve something more than California rolls), I checked out the menu for Dozo, in SoHo.

The pictures of the variety of sushi rolls had me sold immediately.


Our legs quickly carried our empty stomachs to Dozo, and we were immediately seated in a trendy booth, right next to the chefs.


He clearly looks anxious to eat.


In addition to a menu, Dozo, along with many other sushi joints in HK, has a conveyor belt of sushi specialties.

We realized what a great advertising gimmick it was, since it took a lot of self control to not grab a plate off the belt. With our grumbling bellies, the fish parading on the conveyor were just taunting us with their deliciousness.


We distracted ourselves by watching the chef prepare our rolls right in front of our eyes!

Although he was no Morimoto, he seemed to know what he was doing. Too bad his knife was kinda dull, and ended up pinching the rice/nori on the bottom.


Not long after ordering, our food arrived!!

Wesley had a chicken udon dish to start.


Along with my spicy tuna spring rice noodle rolls, which were really refreshing. The tuna also tasted very fresh and had a great texture.


And our shared tuna and salmon maki.


With Wesley’s salmon skin roll, which he loved.


And my vegetarian maki, with cucumbers, avocado and beancurd.

Just the taste of wasabi/soy sauce/ginger made me unbelievably happy.

Everything was delicious, albeit a bit overpriced compared to the States.

It was completely worth it though, to finally eat some refreshing sushi Smile

Unfortunately, my 18 pieces of sushi weren’t enough to quiet my hunger.


So I had the brilliant idea of going down the street to Paisano’s, my favorite pizza place in HK.

In addition to this cookie (which we saved for later), we also ordered one cheese slice, for me, and one pepperoni, for Wesley.


While we waited, I watched this pizza master work the dough.


He was making the notorious 24” pizza that Paisano’s cranks out every night.

I really wished that I could step back behind the counter and learn a few of his secrets!

Is it strange that I find pizza dough so mesmerizing?


Ten minutes later, our pizzas were ready to be inhaled!!

Two huge slices of amazingness…

I savored every bite, and even though I love sushi, I’d have to say that this pizza was the highlight of my night.

With a happy belly, we headed to the movie theater to finish the night watching Source Code.

Source (no pun intended Winking smile)

It was a really interesting concept, and touching at moments. But it was still filled with a lot of cheese and mel0drama.

But if you find watching Jake Gyllenhaal on the giant movie screen for two hours a great time, then definitely go see it!

Tell Me About You!

What do you do on rainy/dreary days?

What’s your favorite thing at a sushi restaurant?

Favorite pizza toppings?

Have a great Saturday, everyone Smile


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Try Genki Sushi for cheap conveyor belt sushi--although Dozo is nice and great location in Soho!

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