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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spontaneous Dinner Out

Wow. Do not underestimate the benefits of Body Pump.

I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and added a little extra weight to each track, and my body was feeling it last night and this morning.

Usually, I chicken out and don’t want to add extra weight, since I assume that I won’t be able to finish the track. And I was kinda scared of getting yelled at by the instructors. That’s really intimidating.

But, I guess my muscles were just hanging around for the last couple of weeks, and yesterday’s extra work really took it out on them.

So today I headed to cycling to flush out my legs, and strengthen up my inner thighs (which might help with my IT band!).

Lots of quad soreness, but otherwise great workout Open-mouthed smile

After the gym and lunch, we wasted the next 2 hours here:


Second only to the awful DMV is the Chinese Embassy.

We were here to get Wesley a visa to CHINA! Since we’re planning an awesome vacation to my homeland Smile

But, the wait at the embassy wasn’t so awesome. We spent most of the time watching billiards on TV, and eavesdropping on disgruntled applicants, like the woman above, while they argued with security.

Good times!


After our business was complete, we walked around Wan Chai.

I just had to check out this branch of Marks & Spencer’s food. Since you know I can’t resist overpriced imported digestives and roast beef flavored crisps.

Speaking of the Brits, are you guys excited for the Royal Wedding???

I honestly can’t wait! [No sarcasm in that statement] Since it starts at 4PM HK time, we have plans to go to a pub/bar in the Staunton (Brit-heavy) area to watch the festivities and enjoy the crowd.

Can’t wait to see her dress! It’s going to be the event of the decade!!


Also, a stop to admire overpriced luxury cars for Wesley.


This one was a beauty Smile with tongue out


And a stroll in the a mini-park.

We wanted to go to the movies tonight, since we’re going to be pretty busy over the next couple of days, but the movie we wanted to see doesn’t come out until tomorrow Sad smile

So instead, we drowned our disappointment in a spontaneous dinner out!


I was planning to make an awesome dinner recipe, but you’ll just have to wait Winking smile


Great Café is a cute little eatery in the lower level of Pacific Place in Admiralty.


The menu had a lot of options perfect for a light dinner. Amazingly, we were eating at 6PM, but I still wasn’t too hungry Sad smile


I ordered the signature club, without the bacon, and it ended up being huge.


But all the flavors were nice, and it was just what I needed. Grilled chicken breast, egg, avocado, tomato, lettuce and a thin layer of mayonnaise on whole wheat bread.


Along with a side salad! Wesley said that this sandwich sounded like me, and I guess it did, since it had everything I love Red heart


Wesley, who was actually hungry, ordered an Australian BBQ prawn pizza.

It came on a really cool white stand, that I think would be perfect for cakes Flirt male


I’m not sure what Australian BBQ is, but it was delicious. I had a bite, and the marinara sauce was perfect, the cheese was mild and gooey, and the spices were just right.

The prawn seemed a little out of place, and the crust wasn’t as crispy as I would’ve like, but it was really good.

Kinda reminded me of shrimp pasta.


Wesley had no problem finishing his pie, and even offered to finish 1/2 my sandwich.

I politely declined Smile


For an appetizer, which actually came out later than our entrees, we ordered the baked clams.


Neither of us had eaten baked clams before, so we went in with no expectations.


It was an ok dish, but nothing spectacular. Just a clam topped with some breadcrumbs and cheese.

The toppings were really crumbly and moist, which I didn’t expect.

But it was deliciously cheesy, so I gladly ate it up anyway Open-mouthed smile

I’m going to try to get to sleep before midnight, so maybe I can actually wake up at a normal hour! Wish me luck…

Tell Me About You!

Are you excited about the Royal Wedding or could you care less?

Do you have any plans to watch it??


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