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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sandwichy Day

Another meal, another sandwich!

After stating that I don’t have enough sandwiches in my life, now I might be having way too many…

But it’s not getting old yet, especially when they’re this good Open-mouthed smile


I actually created this ‘wich for Friday’s lunch, but I obviously had to talk about the Royal Wedding first!


Here, we have a cross-shot of the deliciousness. Two slices of whole wheat sourdough sandwiching melt-y slices of Parmesan, kidney bean hummus (mashed kidney beans, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic), lettuce and tomatoes.


So so so good! Just don’t burn the bread like I did Winking smile

I savored every bite and was so sad when it was over.

I’m sensing that sandwiches will also be on tomorrow’s menu…


On the side, I had the usual salad with roasted peanuts!

I tried to roast peanuts in the microwave last night, but managed to break a bowl and create lots of carcinogens in the air.

Today, Wesley was awesome and pan-roasted some for me Open-mouthed smile

They were amazing, and just as good as oven-roasted!

Tell Me About You!

What is your favorite sandwich combo?


asideofsimple said...

My ultimate favorite sandwich is a tuna melt. I'm obsessed with them. Whenever I go to a diner I must order one :)

Liv said...

Mmmm I love tuna melts, too. The toasty bread and creamy tuna is perfect!

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