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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Watch

Where were you during the royal wedding?

I’m sure many of you were still sleeping, but in Hong Kong, the ceremony began at 6PM.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t tired from last night, cause I was.

But I was just too excited, anticipating the hoopla Open-mouthed smile


At 5PM, an hour before Kate was scheduled to arrive at Westminster Abbey, we headed to Staunton Street in SoHo, where a block of British pubs and bars were set to show the broadcast.


Most of Staunton Street was dead, but this corner was fully decked-out in Union Jacks and bunting.


There were even Australian and Scottish flags represented.


This bar/restaurant was completely packed! We couldn’t even get tables.


So we crowded onto the streets to watch instead.


And in case we got hungry…


This TV news reporter looked a lot like Kate Middleton, don’t you think? She even dressed like her! Creepy…


And the festivities couldn’t be complete without bagpipes Open-mouthed smile


We had a pretty good view of the ceremonies, but we couldn’t help but wish we were in Westminster.

I didn’t love Kate’s dress, but do think that it was perfectly appropriate. It was demure but form-fitting, classic but modern, and nothing overdone.

What did you guys think?

She looked gorgeous, and so was her nervous but excited smile. But I couldn’t help but notice that she looked a little bit older than she did a few months ago.

I loved her sister’s dress, and thought she looked beautiful. But wasn’t it strange that she also wore white?

Oh, and Harry looked HOT!

But the best part was seeing Will and Kate at the altar, and the occasional reassuring smiles and nods they gave each other. So romantic!

Still, it’s sad that William didn’t get to share this day with his mom Sad smile

As exciting as the royal wedding was, we were getting hungry.

So we left towards the middle of the ceremony in search of some grub!

It would’ve been appropriate to eat some fish n’ chips, shepherd’s pie, Yorkshire pudding, scones, or a fancy afternoon tea, but we weren’t feeling anything heavy.


After walking around, we settled on Droplet, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant/shack that has a limited, but decently prepared, menu. Bonus points for being a great deal.

Wesley ordered a burger with fries, but I had a hard time finding the patty…

He said it was delicious, though!


I wasn’t too hungry, so I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich on multigrain bread.


Yes, I put ketchup and mustard on my smoked salmon sandwich, don’t you?

Well it’s awesome Open-mouthed smile


For dessert, we headed across the street to Smooch, a frozen yogurt stand Open-mouthed smile

We got the original tart and chocolate swirl, topped with their homemade granola, gummy bears (for Wesley) and strawberries.

Their yogurt was awesome! The texture and creaminess was just like soft serve.

And to finish the evening, we headed to the movies to watch a highly anticipated film:


We’d been wanting to watch this intense Chinese movie since we saw the trailers. It’s only appropriate to watch one of these martial arts/Chinese history films since we’re in Hong Kong.

It was a decent film with a very cheesy plot and script, but the fight scenes were ridiculous.

I usually find all the movies in this genre to be the same, and this one didn’t prove me wrong. It was good, but not amazing.

Alright, I’m going to sleep at a decent hour tonight!

Good night and have a wonderful day Open-mouthed smile

Tell Me About You!

Did you watch the royal wedding??

What did you think of the dress/ceremony?


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