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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keepin’ It Snappy

Yup, it’s 4AM and I’m still awake.

I just spent the last 10 hours working on a project for class, and most of that time was spent struggling with technology. What else is new Winking smile

My brain is not working too well right now, so I need to keep this quick and sweet!

Today’s morning workout was also a quick 20 minute treadmill workout, followed by a super painful Body Pump class.

All of the out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise I’ve done this week is still catching up to me!

As for lunchtime eats, after my sandwich from last night, I realized that I don’t have enough sandwiches in my life.


Enter the fried egg, Parmesan and strawberry jam sandwich on whole grain rye bread!

Yes, you heard me right. An egg, cheese and JAM sandwich. Don’t knock it till you try it! And you must try it Open-mouthed smile


I even bought this amazingly dense and hearty bread in preparation.


Mashed sweet potatoes on the side. Blended with just a pinch of salt and some whole milk.

Still awesome, but just a little change from the norm.


Group photo.


Sweet, salty, creamy, mmhhhmmmm!


And while I was running around trying to find random people to interview on the street (for the project—I’m not that much of a creeper!), the humidity and my morning workout was getting to me.

Enter an Avocado Tornado smoothie from  the Kosmo Wellness CafĂ© in Central!

The shop is geared towards health food, with plenty of tantalizing drink options.

This one had avocado, pineapple, whey protein, soy milk and yogurt.

It sounded super nutrient-packed, and since I’d never had avocado or protein in a drink before, I went for it!

I don’t know how I feel about protein powders, and I really want to do some research on it, but this drink tasted amazing.

It was creamy, not too sweet at all, thick and almost like a milkshake.

I couldn’t taste anything artificial, sweeteners or otherwise, and I’d definitely get it again Smile

The avocado taste wasn’t strong either, and the protein powder gave it a malty quality. It was perfect…

The only sad part was reaching the end too soon Sad smile

Tell Me About You!

Have you ever tried jam in a savory sandwich before??

What do you think about protein powders? Which kind is your favorite?

Yes! I’m so excited to sleep!!!


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